CargoSteps is a global solution for track and trace from A to Z.

CargoSteps is the first worldwide real-time track and trace software that allows different companies of every size in logistics to easily work together.

With CargoSteps the processes and communication in logistics will be optimized while information transparency and data security are ensured.

Und das beste - die Nutzung von CargoSteps ist komplett kostenlos!

Track your shipments in real-time

With the tracking-function you can always see on the map where your driver and sending are - live.

Less calls

Send job orders directly to the smartphones of the drivers and get automatic responses if the driver has loaded and unloaded.

Gapless documentation

All steps of a job will be documented gapless in CargoSteps. You can also see later on when and where something happened.

POD by email

Get automatically a picture of the receipt by e-mail after the freight is unloaded.

Work with others

Forward jobs to business partners and sub-contractors. Even if your business partner carries out the job, you can always see the status of the the freight and track it.

CargoSteps consists of two parts:

One component is a web based application that you can use with you web browser and the other component is a mobile app for smartphones and tablets.
  • Expeditors of freight forwarders or transportation companies can add job orders in the web application and forward them to business partners or to their own couriers
  • Couriers get job orders on their smartphones/tablets and process the jobs step by step
  • Couriers confirm the single tasks in the mobile app to process the job
  • Couriers also send their position by GPS while performing the job

Loading and unloading processes will be send automatically by e-mail to every party concerned

Get automatically a picture of the receipt by e-mail after the freight is unloaded.

Every job receives a unique Tracking-ID for tracking

  • The Tracking-ID can also be chosen freely by the expeditor, so that the jobs can be integrated more easily into the company‚Äôs own systems
  • With the Tracking-ID the status of the freight can always be seen on the Tracking-Page and the Tracking-ID can be provided to your customers
  • While the delivering process in in progress, the position of the freight is displayed on the Tracking-Page
  • You can see when and where which steps has been completed
  • Air waybill numbers are also displayed on the Tracking-Page

Different companies can process jobs together by forwarding them to business partners with CargoSteps

  • CargoSteps provides information transparency and also data security for every company
  • Every company can just access data that is reserved for them

Smartphone support

Track your cargo with CargoSteps in real-time easily via smartphone, tablet or PC. All steps are confirmed by the driver in the smartphone app and are provided by CargoSteps upon request.

Real-time tracking

Allow your customers to see the tracking steps of the cargo on the CargoSteps Tracking Page. This way you keep your customers up to date in real-time, allowing you to increase customer satisfaction.

Clear and simple entry fields facilitate the entry of shipment orders, allowing you a rapid process of shipment orders in everyday life.

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