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Andreas Preisendanz

Branch Manager, Qualified Cargo Solutions GmbH, Mörfelden-Walldorf

We wanted to improve the service for our customers at our office at Frankfurt Airport. So we began to work with CargoSteps. It appeared that CargoSteps was also very well suited for our international air freight business.

The previous conclusion:

The clear system allowed our employees to quickly seize the potential of CargoSteps. We can use AWB numbers in CargoSteps and airlines are visible in the system. We see when the shipment has been checked in at the airline and when it can be picked up at the destination airport. In conjunction with our international partners, the system runs smoothly from start to finish. The introduction of CargoSteps to our partners proceeded without problems, since the basic version is for free. Compared to our competitors, we have a significant competitive advantage. We can offer a standard which can compete with the global players. We are very pleased with CargoSteps and take advantage of it.

Heinrich Truelsen

Lawyer, Truelsen Rechtsanwälte, Frankfurt and Bensheim

As law firm it is often necessary for us to send sensitive and important documents for our clients. Almost always there is time pressure and urgency to exactly plan the arrival of the sending.

Especially when we send important documents between our offices in Bensheim and Frankfurt it is ensured by the use of CargoSteps that we are always informed about the current status of the sending. Negotiations can be continued with the knowledge where necessary documents are right now and when they arrive. This way very significant time savings can be achieved and the transparency of information about the time of arrival of documents eliminates the uncertainty of our consultants when and if the required documents are present, so that they can concentrate on their work.

The use of CargoSteps is quick and easy. Our employees use this possibility very much. Each of our couriers uses a smartphone and thus can easily work with the system.

In retrospect, we are very pleased with the introduction of CargoSteps.

Admir Topalovic

Expeditor, T World Service GmbH, Kelsterbach

As we should work with CargoSteps, we thought that we would have a lot to learn again and to much more effort would lie ahead of us. As soon as we tried it, the opposite proved itself. CargoSteps is very easy to use and a proper reduction in our workload ensued.

We have a very good and clear coordination of our drivers and subcontractors. We see where couriers are at the moment and how long they will need. Now we can arrange more cleverly without having to make calls to every single driver.

At shift changes between us expeditors we always have an overview of all current and planned orders. The shift changes proceed more smoothly and quickly. Especially at peak times we are immediately ready for action.

Our job has become a whole lot more easier. We do not have to constantly make calls for every little thing now. Because of the Tracking-Page customers are always informed as they always have the latest information available. We can focus on our other tasks and also handle more orders.

Our customers are impressed, because their work is now also less stressful. And the happiest is obviously our CEO, because he gets a lot of positive feedback.

Tofiq Asif

CEO, ATS FRA, Kelsterbach

We first started with CargoSteps to coordinate our driver better. It quickly became clear that CargoSteps is far more effective: most telephone calls and mails were simply gone.

Although I am always reserved with new software, CargoSteps really surprised me.

For me is important: I want to see results, I need more capacity and I have to be relieved. At the same time I do not want to torture myself to learn how to use the new software. With CargoSteps I get exactly that. CargoSteps is easy to use and self explaining.

The results after the first few months:

  • I clearly achieved the goal to be relieved. I save, depending on workload, 1-1.5 hours for the same tasks per day.
  • With the free capacities I can work more orders in the same period. That helps me to increase my turnover.
  • I make less calls, have less stress, my customers are satisfied and my job numbers are rising.

Since I coordinate a lot, CargoSteps is ideal as support. I can offer a level of service to my clients with CargoSteps, which clearly differentiates me from other competitors and makes my job easier at the same time.

CargoSteps is not only a competitive advantage, but also a sign of quality for my company.

Sebastian Gersch

Export Manager, Quick Cargo Service GmbH, Hannover

We have begun to work with CargoSteps because we wanted a faster flow of information for our customers and it turned out that CargoSteps has more to offer.

It was important that our employees didn't have to do time consuming trainings to be able to use CargoSteps. The system is self explaining.

After the first months of use I can clearly say that,

  • we can respond to customer inquiries immediately now without consulting the carriers first
  • we can provide the POD (delivery receipt) to the customer immediately, so that he is aware of the proper execution of the job
  • we can reproduce the single steps of a finished job if queries from customers occur by checking the archive
  • our expeditors report back that their work is much more comfortable
  • our customers are more satisfied with our service.

A great advantage for us is that CargoSteps is a unified system for various companies and it does not matter with which company we work. We always have an overview and know thanks to the status updates how far the carriers are.

It was the right decision to use CargoSteps so that we were able to offer our customers a new quality standard.

Markus Schramm

Branch Manager, JL Logistic GmbH, Hahn Airport

After testing CargoSteps for a longer period, we realized that this is a very useful and time saving software. The freight can be tracked real-time, making time-consuming phone calls to the expeditors or the couriers unnecessary. After delivering the shipment, a delivery receipt will automatically be send, which can be passed on to the customer if required.

All things considered it is a very good software, which can be applied well in practice.

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